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Find Pre purchase Property/Building Inspections in Adelaide

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. While the first time may be the hardest, it doesn’t get any easier in the long run. You still need to deal with the same factors involved: finding the right home, negotiating a price, working with the bank to get a suitable mortgage, etc. Before you make any decision, however, it’s of vital importance that you get a pre purchase building inspections in Adelaide. Buying a home without a property inspections in Adelaide would be like the purchase of a race horse without knowing its pedigree.

When you’re looking for a company with an excellent track record of doing home inspections contact Resicert. We have experienced inspectors ready to do building inspections in Adelaide. We’ve done over 30,000 reviews nationally and have a 9.2 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating. We offer a money back guarantee, and we are fully insured. We are the company that you want to inspect any building you are thinking of buying.

The importance of pre-purchase property inspections in Adelaide

Most home inspections last two to three hours and the homebuyer should be present to ask questions. If the inspector uncovers a problem, it is useful for the person interested in buying the home to see it for themselves. While we provide digital photos of any problems that we find, it always makes more sense when a person can see it for themselves. The inspector will let you know how serious the problem is: is it a major issue that needs to be fixed immediately, is it a small defect that can be ignored, or is it is a problem that’s minor now but could grow over the years to be an expensive headache? Inspectors can often make suggestions about maintenance. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, this information is like gold.

After the inspector is done, he or she will then take the next 48 hours to write up a complete report. The report can be delivered in print form, or as we at Resicert do, in a digital form complete with photos. It is then up to the person interested in buying a home to decide whether they want to go ahead with the purchase. This shows you why getting a house inspection is such a key part of the home buying experience.

Never skip a home inspection before you buy

The importance of having an inspector review any property that you’re interested in buying cannot be overemphasised. Whatever an inspection may cost, if you purchase a home without having one and then discover that there’s structural damage because of settling, termites, fungi or another issue, the home inspection cost will pale in comparison to what you’ll pay for refurbishment.

We understand how important it is for you to know you’re making the right decision when you buy a home. Our inspectors will communicate with you consistently during the process and are available for follow-up questions even after the inspection. We are an independent inspection company – we aren’t in the construction business – so you’ll never have to worry about getting an upsell from us. Call us today when you need a pre purchase property inspection in Adelaide.

October 11 2017 - 06:58 AM