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Is Your House as Safe as You Think?

As co-founder and CEO of Resicert, I am dedicated to helping you leverage property inspections to your advantage. When we talk with clients one of the key concerns is safety. Everyone wants to ensure that their property is safe and secure. Unfortunately it is not always clear what will make your property as safe as it can be. That is where property inspections come in. Thorough and regular property inspections can help you uncover potential safety hazards that can keep your house from being as safe as you’d like.

While there are many areas that should be considered when assessing the safety of your property one the most important is pool safety. One of the key mechanisms to reduce potential safety hazards associated with pools and spas is through the installation and maintenance of an appropriate safety barrier system. This normally consists of fencing and child-proof gates.

There are regulations in place surrounding pool safety and the best way to make sure your yard is up to standard is to get a pool inspection done. Inspectors will know all the regulations, not only about the pool barrier but also requirements for the surrounding area, for instance a balcony overhanging a pool area may require a higher barrier.

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September 17 2016 - 06:34 PM