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Regular Termite Inspections

As co-founder and CEO of Resicert, I am dedicated to helping you leverage property inspections to your advantage. One area I see where people think they can cut corners is in regular termite inspections. We have seen this backfire on too many properties.

Here’s why regular termite inspections are so important.

You’ve probably heard of those little insects, termites… They can cause headaches way bigger than they’re worth. They can also be a constant source of worry that sits at the back of your mind and comes forward whenever you think about your lovely, timber framed home.The best way to keep your peace of mind – and foundations – intact, is to get regular inspections conducted. You can either do this yourself – with a bit of knowledge on the subject – or engage a professional timber pest inspection company to conduct these on your behalf. If you do decide to conduct them yourself, it is essential that you are prepared to access the key areas of your property where any potential termite activity and damage may exist – this includes sub-floor areas and roof spaces.

Getting an inspection done by the right company will mean you can ensure a thorough job has been done, and that you have all necessary information to deal with any issues. They will offer you solutions – only when necessary. Annual timber pest inspections are very important in ensuring the safety and soundness of your home – whether you decide to do them yourself or not. If it is time for your next pest inspection request a quote and mention 10%OFFPEST to receive 10% off.

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August 23 2016 - 01:38 PM