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This is a “do it yourself” termite control system in Adelaide. This technique will assist in preventing termites from attacking your home and also eliminate termite activity. You can do almost everything by yourself and the results are just as effective as a lot of other professional options available. Termite Traps is a DIY Termite Control program that will not only save you thousands of dollars but also save time and avoid the use of unfriendly toxic chemicals.

Termites are a very serious pest in Australia, causing property damage that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to repair each year. Some latest surveys established that almost 40% of our homes are attacked by termites at some stage. Another study showcases the danger of a property becoming infested by timber pests is five times more than that of fire.

There are various Pest Control companies that offer monitors, treatment, inspections and barrier spraying packages that cost thousands. Additionally , the effectiveness of chemical barriers is uncertain . You can’t be 100% sure that all the toxic spray under the concrete has met to create an absolute barrier. Ask yourself, why spend thousands of dollars and expose your family to all those unsafe chemicals, for a treatment that isn’t even warrantied to work?

We present the Termite Traps, an innovative and effective termite prevention system.

We have 4 different levels of inspections available. All reports cover structural certainty, roof cavity, subfloor, interior of every room, outside house perimeter, fences, outbuildings and trees.

The higher the inspection level, the more detail about the home you will receive in the reporting process.

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The price depends on some factors. To provide a quote we need to know something more about your house. Use the form on this page, and tell us a little bit more about the property.

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