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Resicert: Offering Pre Purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspections in Gold Coast with No Conflicts of Interest

When it comes to getting a pre purchase inspection or a timber pest inspection in Gold Coast, you want someone who is going to be straight with you. Too often, though, companies in these industries have conflicts of interest. They aren’t just building inspectors or termite inspectors. Instead, they are also builders, repair companies or termite treatment businesses. They have a slew of side businesses, or maybe inspections are their side business.

In any case, when you work with these kinds of inspectors, it’s easy to feel someone is constantly trying to upsell you. A timber pest inspection in Gold Coast might lead to an offer for a full termite treatment and restoration service. Alternatively, a building inspection that identifies water damage, foundation cracks, rotting timber or other problems might lead to your inspector plugging his or her renovation services.

The Problem with Upselling in the Inspection Industry

On the surface, there is nothing wrong with upselling. After all, if there is a termite inspection in your home, you are going to need a treatment service, and you are going to have to hire someone for repair and restoration work.

The problem isn’t the upsell, but the potential conflict of interest. When you hire someone for a building inspection in Gold Coast, your priority is to get answers. You want to know what defects your house (or a house you are thinking about buying, in the case of a pre purchase inspection) may have. When someone immediately starts trying to upsell you, you should at least wonder if they are 100% honest about their findings they uncover. What if your inspector is making a problem sound worse than it is to make you buy his or her other services?

How Resicert Guarantees Transparency for Your Building and Timber Pest Inspections in Gold Coast

If you need a building inspection or pre purchase inspection in Gold Coast and want to make sure you are getting 100% transparency from your inspector, call Resicert. We are an independent inspection company that focuses exclusively on inspection work. We are not restoration specialists or exterminators. We do not do repairs, or offer termite treatments. We are in the business of finding defects, documenting them and giving our clients the information and advice they need to take the next steps.

In other words, when you hire Resicert, you can trust that we are not going to try to upsell you. Our focus is on providing the most thorough inspections and the best advice possible. We think our clients deserve the simple, honest service that we offer, as well as the freedom to decide what to do with the information we provide.

Whether you are buying a house and need a pre purchase inspection or think your existing home is due for a building and timber pest inspection, Resicert is there for you in Gold Coast. Call us on 1800 RESICERT to get started.

October 11 2017 - 06:02 AM