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Don’t Buy Your New Bathurst Property without Thorough Pre Purchase Building Inspections

When buying a new home or piece of property, it’s easy to get excited and forget to have the building thoroughly inspected before purchase. There’s so much going on between placing offers on the property, planning your dream interior décor, and getting the money together from the banks. However, before you get ahead of yourself and money exchanges hands, you need to have the new building properly and professionally inspected to ensure that you aren’t purchasing property that needs extensive repairs or has a pest infestation. Don’t let the seller get the best of you. Have a professional business handle your pre purchase property inspection on that Bathurst building.

It’s essential that a professional building inspector handles your property inspections before you hand a cheque to a seller or sales agent. If you sign the papers and write out a cheque, then find out that your new property has issues, all the repair costs and headaches become your responsibility. Take the time to have a building inspection done, and you may save yourself a lot of delays, money, and problems along the way. At Resicert, we handle property inspections in Bathurst, ACT, and throughout all of Australia. Our professional team of inspectors does thorough, complete building inspections for potential home buyers, builders, and homeowners.

Benefits of Pre Purchase Building Inspections in Bathurst

As a buyer, there are many advantages to a building inspection on your Bathurst property. Property is potentially the biggest purchase and investment you’ll make in your lifetime, and it needs to be taken seriously. Therefore, we stress the fact that pre purchase inspections are vital. One benefit to these inspections is that they give you, the buyer, an advantage during the sale. If your inspector does find issues – pest infestation, asbestos, or structural damage – with the house, you’ll be in a fantastic position to renegotiate the building’s price. Or, if you decide you don’t want the property after the inspection, you can walk away with no regrets.

Remember that, as a buyer, you have every right to an inspection so don’t let a seller or real estate agent try to intimidate you to ignoring this vital step. These building inspections are important and can reveal issues with your potential, new property that you can’t predict or that the seller was hoping to hide until after the sale. Our team at Resicert handles both residential and commercial property inspections and will get you the information you need, even if that results in you searching for a building elsewhere.

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If you’re thinking about purchasing property, don’t wait long to call us. Our team of professionals is ready to inspect your potential new home or building and give you the information you need to know. Before you make the biggest purchase of your life, you need to know what you’re getting. We’ll let you know. To set up an inspection with our team at Resicert, call us on 1800 737 423 or fill out our contact form here.

October 11 2017 - 06:18 AM