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Hire Experts in Residential Building Inspections

For anyone who has or will be looking to purchase property in Sydney or Bateman’s Bay in New South Wales, there are so many things to consider: buying a home, and building inspections are the most challenging. How do you know what type of property you’re buying in a competitive Sydney housing market? How do you know  there are no hidden problems – things like termites, wood decay, water damage, crumbling foundations or poor quality construction?

The previous homeowner may not even know these are existing, so what should you do?

Resicert Home Building Inspections can help. Call Resicert Property Inspections New South Wales and we will perform a complete and detailed building inspection for you. You can choose one of our four levels of inspection and we make sure that your investment will be a sound one.

We will provide you with:

  • a comprehensive building inspection report with photos which fully complies with Australian Standards as 4349.1-2007
  • a list of all problems that were found
  • a list of suggestions and proposals on how you can correct these problems
  • which trades are required to do the work and more


All of our building inspection reports are clear and easy to read and are available for you within 48 hours. You will also receive a complete verbal report before the inspector leaves your area or property.

What is inspected

We have 4 different levels of inspections available.  All reports cover Structural Certainty.

The higher the inspection level, the more comprehensive check up will be given about the home. You will receive a detailed report.

Click to the right to receive a quote for the different levels of inspection and important details.

How much does it cost?

The prices depend on a few factors. To provide a quote, we need to know some details about your house or building in Sydney, Bateman’s Bay or elsewhere. Just use the form on this page located at the right side.

We have 4 different levels of inspections available. All reports cover structural certainty, roof cavity, subfloor, interior of every room, outside house perimeter, fences, outbuildings and trees.

The higher the inspection level, the more detail about the home you will receive in the reporting process.

Click to the right to receive a quote for the different levels of inspection and associated detail.
The price depends on some factors. To provide a quote we need to know something more about your house. Use the form on this page, and tell us a little bit more about the property.

Our New South Wales Team

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Don’t Expect, Inspect!
Brilliant Inspections, Best Reports, Fast!

Why Resicert

  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Constant communication through all steps of the inspection service.
  • Fast response and turn around times within 48 hours.
  • Digital report (with photos) which fully complies with Australian Standards AS 4349.1-2007.
  • Clear and easy to understand report.
  • More than 20 years experience in property.
  • Ongoing support for any future queries.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our number one concern
  • ISO 9001 quality certified
  • Required insurances and coverage in place