New South Wales Services


Building Inspections

When you are buying a new home or an investment property.

Timber Pest Inspections

A property is normally the largest investment people make in their lifetime, therefore it is important to protect your house (or the house you are about to buy) against timber pests by conducting regular bi-annual or annual inspections.

Building Inspections + Timber Pest Inspections

Building and Timber Pest inspection for your full peace of mind. This package includes a building inspection and a termite inspection on your property.

Handover Defects Inspection

Make sure that you are getting what you paid for your new home. This is a detailed inspection undertaken on your new home build before you make your final payment.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Homes that are less than 6 years old require a builder warranty inspection. This then remains with the home for 6 years regardless of ownership. Great way to ensure any issues that can be fixed whilst still under warranty are not missed.

Owner Builder Warranty Inspections

This is when an owner builder wishes to sell their home and builder warranty insurance is required. The insurance company requires a defects report which is what we provide.

Vendor Inspection

A vendor inspection is required prior to selling your property. The Resicert team will provide you with an independent inspection report.

Dilapidation Inspection

This is a special purpose inspection which determines the condition of those surrounding buildings and establishes a baseline before construction work begins. This report will help mitigate losses and prevent disputes between you, your contractor and your neighbours.

Depreciation Schedules

This will give you all you need to hand to your accountant so you can claim maximum depreciation for up to 40 years.

Methamphetamine Testing

This inspection will give you a total peace of mind in buying or renting out a property by taking a sample from multiple areas in your home and having these analysed in a lab for traces of Methamphetamine.

Why Resicert

  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Constant communication through all steps of the inspection service.
  • Fast response and turn around times within 48 hours.
  • Digital report (with photos) which fully complies with Australian Standards AS 4349.1-2007.
  • Clear and easy to understand report.
  • More than 30 years experience in property.
  • Ongoing support for any future queries.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our number one concern
  • ISO 9001 quality certified
  • Required insurances and coverage in place