Pests in the garden

Pests in the Garden If you have a home with a nice front or back yard with plants, fruits and vegetables growing, you’ll know there are pests that come for them. But I want to talk about a [...]

Solar Panels

Are solar panels for you? Solar panels have had a great increase in usage over the past few years thanks to environmental awareness and government funding. They are a fantastic renewable source [...]

Aqua Smart

Aqua smart – Water wisdom Australia has some hot summers! And with hot summers comes long droughts, where water can sometimes become extremely scarce. Right now we have some policies in [...]

Hunting for Termites

Hunting for termites – should you do it yourself? Finding termites in your home before they do any serious damage could save you thousands, so it’s important to have your house checked once [...]


Argh… sbestos Your home is a safe haven for your family and yourself. Somewhere you can retreat to for a break from the outside world. It is warm, comfortable and most importantly, it’s safe. Or [...]

Spotting Termites

  Spotting Termites – Are you sharing your home with these tiny troublemakers? Termites are some homeowners biggest fear, and rightly so! Termites have been known to subtly take down [...]

Colorbond Roofing Tips

For some homeowners, Colorbond roofing is the best roofing material. It is strong and secure – a quality material through and through. It looks great and it offers life-long performance. With 20 [...]