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Important to know – house with a pool

If you are house hunting, looking for a home for your growing family, how important is it to get a place with a nice pool out the back?

Getting a basic Vendor inspection is a good thing to do when selling your home, and here are some reasons why….

Depending on where you live are in Australia, you may see a pool as an essential for you and your family, to keep cool in summer. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 11.7% of houses in Australia have a pool. If we look at each state, 28.9% of houses in the Northern Territory have pools, 17.9% in Queensland, 15.4% in Western Australia, 12% in New South Wales, 7% in South Australia, 6% in Victoria, 4.5% in the Australian Capital Territory and 3.8% in Tasmania. This gives an idea of how likely it is you will find a home with a pool depending where you are, and assumably which states are the hottest.

If getting a pool with your home is an important accessory, just keep in mind the kind of money and maintenance it will require, particularly if it’s only going to get used a few times in a year.
Additionally, you must also consider pool safety.

Many Australians are well aware of the risks of swimming pools for young children and that it is a leading cause of death for toddlers under 5 years old. More often than not, injury caused is a result of improper fencing. If a pool is not properly fenced off, it’s easy enough for children to wander in.

As well as fencing and barrier conditions, it is also necessary to keep in mind several other aspects that relate to pool safety, such as pool equipment. Most pools will have a cleaning device that is attached by a tube through to a filter. Children can be put at risk when swimming in the pool by becoming entangled in this kind of equipment.

Pool coverings help your pool stay sparkly clean and can help insulate it and keep it to a comfortable temperature. The danger with these is that people, not just children, can get tangled and trapped, beneath the water if they’ve tripped or fallen into a covered pool. Although not a common occurrence, deaths have actually been recorded as a result of this situation, particularly during social events. Extra vigilance is always necessary around swimming pools.

Other equipment which can cause injury, includes the underwater light: Is it secure? Is the casing on tight and not damaged? Exposed electrical wires or devices are worth keeping in mind when it comes to the safety of swimmers.

Be sure to check the decking or tiling that surrounds the pool. Being a damp surface, you want to be sure that there are no pieces sticking out that will assist in someone tripping and hurting themselves and that the decking is non slip. Tripping and falling into a pool can have more serious consequences than expected.

To summarise, to keep your family and friends safe around your pool, ensure there are sufficient barriers or fences, always make sure the cleaning equipment is out of the way, make sure electricals are undamaged and working and check the decking is non-slip and in good condition. A good pool inspector will look at all these potential hazards and they’ll even recommend any maintenance to you to keep you pool in top condition.

June 18 2019 - 08:14 AM