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Did you know termites are not covered under your home insurance policy?

What a frightening thought!

Most insurance carriers don’t cover damage caused by termite infestations. Some policies will call it wood-destroying insect damage. The reason is simple. Insurance companies believe termites are preventable, which means your insurer considers it as a maintenance issue. Most policies, as a rule, don’t cover things that are considered maintenance issues and are more likely to cover damage that is considered accidental.

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Preventing Termites

The best way to prevent termites is to have your home inspected for them annually, according to the Termite Institute. Inspections are important in neighborhoods where there is a history of damage by termites, or in humid, wet areas. All termite-control products diminish over time, and changes in your home can necessitate more periodic visits from a pest control company. These changes can include cracks in the foundation or the walls of your home. Know the danger for termites in your area, and if you are buying a new home, make sure it has been inspected for termites.

When did you last have a Timber Pest Inspection?

We all know that we put things off from time to time, but this serious issue could quite literally be eating away at you and your home!

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October 24 2013 - 07:42 PM