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You can mitigate against termite attack in a number of ways.  By installing barriers at penetrations in your slab, clearing away gardens and mulch from your property and using termite caps on raised foundation homes, termites will need to come out in the open and build their mud tubes where they can be seen.  There is no way to actually stop termites from getting into your home, but you can make them show themselves and with regular AS 3660 (legislation recommended by Australian Standards) inspections, you can protect your home against these little timber munching menaces.

Termites can cause significant damage to your home in a relatively short period of time, considering their size.  Locating any termite activity at your home is essential to ensuring that any termite behaviour in or around the home is identified quickly and a plan for action is put into place to ensure major damage does not result.

timber pest inspection
Heavy rain can seriously upset your termite defenses.  Unfortunately, as water soaks into soils or debris shifts, bridges over chemically treated soils can wash away completely. The extra moist soil makes for easy tracking and termites can move quickly as they do not need to source moisture to build and dig tunnels.

Termites are constantly on the hunt for new sources of food.  Placing Termite Traps around your home or your client’s home creates a source of food outside of the structure that you can monitor for activity. They don’t come looking for your home particularly, but if your home is within 50 meters of a nest, they may just come looking for your roof structure for lunch.

timber pest inspection

Here’s an update on our Timber Pest Inspection service in WA from our resident timber pest inspection expert, Daniel McCullen:

“Timber Pest Inspections in August were up again as more and more agents in Western Australia have learned about our fantastic inspections and reports and out ability to be a one-stop shop for all of their pre-purchase inspection needs.  Another growth area was the area of regular annual inspections in August.  Resicert offers the clear reporting system that our building inspections utilise, and clients who have had Resicert products and excellent customer service previously are keen to have Resicert help them to keep their investment safe too.”

If you would like to book an inspection, especially if there has been activity on your street, just click here

September 19 2013 - 05:36 PM