Solar Panels

Are solar panels for you?

Solar panels have had a great increase in usage over the past few years thanks to environmental awareness and government funding.

They are a fantastic renewable source of energy that relies on the rays from the sun and not your wallet, especially great given the amount of sun we get in our part of the world. But before you pick up the phone and order two or three, just think whether it’s the right move for you.

Considering your house

Sure, solar panels will save  you money in electricity bills, help conserve the planet and even boost up the price of your house if you want to sell. However not every house is well equipped for getting solar panels installed.
A basic example of this would be your roof. We know solar panels go on the roof. Why? Because that’s the easiest place the sun can reach, of course. So, does your roof have enough space for solar panels? This is not generally a big issue, particularly in Australia where most of the houses here are built outwards rather than upwards in comparison to many other countries. Nonetheless, if you have a small roof you may not be prepared for the larger solar panels, and should look at alternatives.

You also have to think about the shape of your roof. Again, in Australia we tend to have fairly flat metal or tile roofs without much shape in comparison to, say, European houses.

There is no doubt that harnessing solar energy in Australia is a good move. Just do your research first for your specific situation for the best outcome.

December 3 2019 - 08:58 AM