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Most business owners these days have to be sales people to a certain degree.

Take it a step even further and ask yourself the following few questions:

1. What was that salesperson like?
2. Did you enjoy doing business with them?
3. Were they educated and informed about the product or service?
4. Did they help educate and guide you in a non pushy but caring way?
5. What did they focus on? You? Themselves? The pay check? Doing a great job? Listening to you?
6. What was their body language like?
7. Did they do more talking or more listening?
8. Did they provide value and great service?
9. Would you use their services again?
10. Would you refer business to them?

Now, the last and most important question is …if your most recent clients were asked these same questions about you as their salesperson, how would they answer?

At Resicert, as professional service providers, we are very aware of these questions ourselves and always strive to deliver the best customer service experience – both to inspection clients and the agents we interact with.

The key to creating customers for life and building a huge repeat and referral business depends largely on how you behave with your client the first time around – first impressions really do matter!

Do you ask lots of questions to ensure that you know exactly how to best service your clients?

People love to talk about themselves and what they’re up to. When you ask questions, and let your client talk about themselves, they feel accepted, connected, and very trusting of you.

You’d be surprised – try having a conversation with someone where you only ask them questions about themselves and don’t talk about yourself at all. Most of the time they will come away saying “It was so nice to meet you!” When all you’ve done is listen!

With genuine care, interest, energy, enthusiasm, and a true desire to take excellent care of your client, you can win time and time again against your competition.

Have a great day!

May 28 2019 - 01:09 PM