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Australia has some hot summers! And with hot summers comes long droughts, where water can sometimes become extremely scarce. Right now we have some policies in place to ensure we conserve our water and carefully monitor our consumption.
While these rules certainly have helped us to pull back on our usage, there are still plenty of ways to minimize the amount of water we use, and also help us save a bit of money!

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If you get a shock because it’s more expensive than your previous one, just remember that this thing will stack your dollars high in the long run.

Now this same concept can be applied to other appliances around the house. Dishwashers, washing machines and bathroom. So much excess water is wasted while using a lot of this equipment, so next time you’re out shopping, keep a keen eye out for the energy and water efficiency ratings! And again, if the price gives you a scare at first, just remember that in the long run you will be helping the earth. AND saving hard earned cash.

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Look for as many stars on the water rating as possible when choosing any kind of appliance

In the garden
If you love your garden and want to keep it looking neat and more importantly alive, it’s understandable you might overlook a few water conservation tips. But there are some things you can do to help maintain a beautiful botanical, without soaking up too much H2O. Installing reticulation and a watering system is an easy and efficient option to go for. It allows you to get on with your day without worrying about the roses wilting in the heat! This is particularly efficient if you attach it to a greywater system, where water used from having a shower and washing your hands gets recycled out into the garden. The only attention required would be to periodically check the system to make sure everything is up to scratch.
But, if reticulation is beyond your needs, try simply using a watering can instead of a hose. This way you can more precisely feed your plants, instead of wasting hundreds of litres running to and from the tap to turn the damn thing off!

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Another good idea is to cover your garden in mulch. The mulch allows moisture to stay within the ground a lot longer, and also helps keep away weeds which will compete for water against your other plants.

Know your flow

A good way to keep track of your water usage is to install a water meter. This way you can keep track of how many litres you are using. Typically when a person sees a number that is too high, there is also an incentive to be cautious about it, particularly when the bills start to roll in. This can also be extremely helpful to identify whether there is unnecessary wastage of water, for example with leaky plumbing! If you suspect water is going to waste because of faulty pipes, this is certainly a time to contact a professional to come in and take a look. If you suspect your toilet might be leaking, a good trick is to put some food colouring in the top part of the toilet water. If after a few minutes you notice some of the colouring in the toilet bowl, you have a leaky toilet!

There are lots of different ways and easy tricks to conserve water, check out for some great information and helpful tips on water consumption.


October 22 2019 - 08:45 AM