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Over the last few years, we have improved our services to the point that we have now become the leading building and home inspection service provider in the country.  Our inspectors are scattered all over the country, and we offer a wide range of inspection services.  We continually aim to improve the quality of our service, so rest assured that we have the best inspectors and the widest array of service.  Recently, we’ve expanded our services to include Design Services, Timber Pest Inspection and Retrospective Approvals.

1.  Retrospective Approvals

retrospective_approvals1Quite often, homeowners make additions or modifications to their home without securing building approvals first.  Eventually, they would need to get this approval retrospectively.  We call these retro approvals or unauthorised approvals.  The process requires detailed drawings of the new construction which are then certified and submitted to the local council for approval.

2.  Design Services

services-designWe offer a comprehensive range of Design and Certification services that support you in terms of planning, surveying, designing, certification and liaison with the Council for submission for residential and commercial properties.

3.  Timber Pest Inspection

timber-pest-inspectionWe know that termites can quietly destroy a house without anyone knowing it until the floors give away or the door frames become hollow.  Our inspection identifies presence of timber pests like termites and borers.  We determine the presence of any wood rot and fungal decay.  We inspect the house’s roof cavity, subfloor, building interior and outbuildings.  We offer this service along with our vendor inspection and pre-purchase inspection.

Resicert is solution focused and we pride ourselves with a fast turnaround.  It is difficult to measure value for the money that you spend for a service. However, The Resicert Team aims to always give the value that you deserve most.

July 17 2013 - 12:19 AM