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Get Pre purchase, Building and Property Inspections in Bendigo

Buying a new home is always a bit of a roller coaster ride. There are so many ups and downs during the process; it’s easy to get a bit dizzy. Finding the right real estate agent, then finding the right home within your price range, then negotiating that price, and arranging a mortgage with the bank are not without headaches. Once all these tasks are accomplished, however, you’re ready to purchase your new home. Well, not exactly. You almost forgot one of the most important steps. You need a pre purchase property inspection in Bendigo.

You never want to buy a house without “kicking the tires”. To complete the analogy, it would be like purchasing a used car without ever taking it for a test drive or having a mechanic inspect it first. Homes can contain many hidden problems, and before you put your money down, you need to know if this is an investment worth making. So, when you need to have a pre purchase building inspection in Bendigo, contact Resicert.

When you hire us to do a pre-inspection on the property you would like to purchase; we will deliver a clearly written and understandable report to you within 48 hours. We’re the only building inspection company in the country to offer a 100% money back guarantee, and we’re fully insured.

Contact us when you need building inspections in Bendigo

Occasionally people will forego doing a building inspection in Bendigo to save a few hundred dollars. This is a grave mistake that could cost you a lot more money in the long run. There are many good reasons why getting a property inspection in Bendigo is one of the smartest things any homebuyer could do.

First, you want to know if the house you’re thinking about buying has any structural issues. It’s not so much a concern that a building may collapse, but you need to know if the house needs significant repairs that could cost thousands of dollars. Even if you know that the home you want to buy needs repairs, but you still think it’s perfect for you and your family, having a pre-inspection done will help you work any repair costs into your overall budget. The pre-inspection will identify the problems, and then you can hire the appropriate tradesman to give you estimates on how much repairs would cost.

Getting pre purchase building inspections in Bendigo will also identify any problems with wiring or if there are areas of your home that would be unsafe for your family because of problems with asbestos or lead paint.

A sense of confidence

When you ask us to do pre purchase property inspections in Bendigo, you’re hiring a company with over 20 years of experience in property issues. You can count on constant communication through the entire inspection process, and if you have questions after the inspection, we are still there to help you. We are ISO 9001 quality certified, and your satisfaction is what we care about the most. We know how important it is that you feel confident in your decision when purchasing a new home. We can help give you that confidence. Why not call us today?

October 11 2017 - 06:02 AM