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Are You Building a New House? Verify Your Investment with a Pre Handover Defects Inspection from Resicert

Are you building a new house? If so, Resicert can help you make sure that your investment is sound with a thorough pre handover inspection.

There are many great things about building a new house from scratch, rather than buying something that is already on the market. You get a home perfectly tailored to your tastes and your needs. Instead of having to scour the real estate market for a house that has all the features your family wants, you get to sit down with an architect and create something that is truly worthy of the phrase ‘dream home.’ You can also choose where you build your home, making it that much more possible to get the perfect home in the ideal location.

The Importance of the Handover Defects Inspection

Another benefit that many homeowners assume applies to new construction homes is sheer perfection. If you buy an old house, you need to be vigilant about conducting a pre-purchase inspection and searching for potential defects. From out-of-date wiring to damaged foundations all the way to termite infestations, homes develop problems over time. When you go to buy a house that is 10 or 20 years old, you need to look for these things before you buy, to avoid stepping into a bad investment.

When you are buying a brand-new house, though—one you helped design and that you were involved with from the start—there is no need for such a process, right? After all, the house is new! The construction team built it to your specs! What problems could the home possibly have—structurally or otherwise?

Ideally, your new home will be perfect. To make sure it is, though, you should hire someone to conduct a pre handover inspection. Handover inspections are meant to give the buyers of new properties peace of mind that the buildings are well-built and 100% compliant with all laws and standards.

At Resicert, we provide these types of pre handover inspections for new builds. We will look at every centimetre of your new home, from the basement and foundation right up to the roof. We will check to make sure that your building team has completed work as laid out in your contract. We will assess the quality of the work and make sure it is up to standard. In short, we will make sure you are getting everything that was outlined in the blueprints.

Ensure a Surprise Free Moving Day with the Help of Resicert

The day you move into a new home should be a dream come true—especially when you helped design the house in question. At Resicert, our handover inspections can help guarantee you a surprise-free moving day. If there are any defects to find, we will find them. If not, we will give you the thumbs up, and you will be able to enjoy your moving experience. Either way, it’s always better to know for sure, and we give you that luxury.

Call Resicert today to schedule your handover defects inspection. You can reach us on 1800 RESICERT.

October 11 2017 - 06:22 AM