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Enjoy a Thorough Pool Safety Inspection when You Choose the Professionals at Resicert

Having a pool on your property can be fantastic, but your pool needs to be safe as well as refreshing. Pools in Australia are required to meet specific safety standards so they can comply with the law. Having a pool safety certificate proves that your pool satisfies these requirements. You can obtain a pool safety inspection by contacting a licensed inspector and having them conduct a review of your pool facilities.

If your inspector determines that your pool meets the safety inspection conditions, they will issue the appropriate certificate, and you’ll be free to enjoy your pool. Otherwise, the inspector may issue a nonconformity notice. You can avoid this if the inspector revisits your pool within two days of the initial inspection and becomes satisfied that it meets the criteria, or if the owner and inspector agree that the owner will make required repairs within 20 days of the first inspection.

When you are looking for a company to conduct your pool safety inspection, consider the professionals at Resicert. We’ve built our stellar reputation on conducting prompt and professional inspections on buildings and facilities of all kinds throughout the area we serve, and our detail-oriented approach means that we perform thorough, high-quality work. We’re also happy to offer advice to pool owners when they call our company with questions about how best to set up or maintain their facilities. To learn more, contact Resicert today and speak with a member of our team about our pool safety inspection services.

February 21 2018 - 05:19 AM