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Do a Pre Purchase Timber/Pest Building Inspection in Adelaide

Most homebuyers know how important it is to arrange for a home inspection before purchasing any property. Did you know, however, that it is just as important for the person selling the home to have an inspection done? This is especially so in the case of building and pest inspections in Adelaide. Knowing about any possible damage from termites or fungi can help the owner determine if they want to conduct repairs or sell as is. It’s also key for the homebuyer to do a pest inspection in Adelaide. No one wants to buy a property and then find out several years later that it’s being eaten away by termites.

When you’re looking for a company with a solid track record of home inspections contact Resicert. We have licensed inspectors in every Australian state, and we’ve done over 30,000 home inspections. We also have a solid track record when it comes to customer satisfaction. We offer a money back guarantee and will give you a report that is understandable and detailed.

Why you need a pre purchase pest inspection in Adelaide

Once you have a problem with termites, it’s like a virus that can slowly spread throughout your house. The average mature termite colony contains around 60,000 individuals – that’s a lot of bugs. While it depends on the size of the colony, the type of termite, and the geography of where you live, that termite colony can annually eat about 13m worth of wood in your home. This can cause immense structural damage to any building. If you live in an area that’s known for termite infestations, it’s probably worth the cost to do termite pest inspections in Adelaide every few years.

The other great danger to a home is fungi. Wood decay rot is potentially even more damaging than termites. If you live in a humid area with high temperatures, you need to be on the lookout. Wood rot expands by secreting enzymes into wood cells that weaken their structure. If you’re looking to buy a home in an area of South Australia that was hit by the recent floods, for instance, it’s vital to do a pre purchase pest inspection in Adelaide. The person selling the home could truly be unaware that a problem exists.

When you need termite pest inspections in Adelaide

Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. When you’re buying a home, particularly for the first time, we understand how important it is that you feel comfortable making that choice. After all, it’s most likely the biggest financial decision you’ll make in your entire life.

The experience of our inspectors and our track record at doing home inspections is just one of the reasons to choose us when you want pre purchase pest inspections in Adelaide. For one thing, we’re an independent inspection company. We don’t do construction; we don’t try to sell you treatments for termites or wood rot. We will just give you the unvarnished truth about the home you’re interested in buying so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. Call us today.

October 11 2017 - 06:00 AM